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I am a Völva. Völva is Old Norse for “staff carrier,” the traveling spiritual guide learned in the ways of my European/Scandinavian Folk Soul. Like Thorbjorg from Eric the Red’s Saga, I am invited into communities to lead ceremony, share information, impart wisdom, and perpetuate the folk ways through song, story, and dance. I heal oorlag at it's source and read wyrd for individuals and groups.

Monday, May 28, 2007

May Poles and all that

Hope everyone was able to direct their wonderful sap rising energy this Spring. We are headed to Summer Solstice, Sunstead, when the sun goes home.

It's a time for us to travel, meet new people, exchange ideas, seeds, crafts and goods we created over the long winter.

My troupe will be going to Eagle Cave, Wisconsin for a big gatherin' of the clans. If you wish to join us, see the details on my web site!