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I am a Völva. Völva is Old Norse for “staff carrier,” the traveling spiritual guide learned in the ways of my European/Scandinavian Folk Soul. Like Thorbjorg from Eric the Red’s Saga, I am invited into communities to lead ceremony, share information, impart wisdom, and perpetuate the folk ways through song, story, and dance. I heal oorlag at it's source and read wyrd for individuals and groups.

Friday, April 01, 2011

My Spae for 09-09-09

On 09-09-09 I did a rune pull during ritual – one for each of the 9 worlds to indicate “what is the re-set button for the next phase of this world on the tree.”

The runes, from the roots up, are:

Helheim – Manaz
Nifhel – Ehwaz
Musphel – Isa
Midgard – Wunjo
Svartalfheim – Othelo
Ljosalfheim – Dagaz
Jotunheim – Thurisaz
Vanheim – Fehu
Asgard – Tyr

As the core of the tree has shifted by over 3 degrees, the well of Urd is now over Nifhel which is warming up (melting). Musphel is cooling and the eye of Odin that was cooking is now done and ready to be consumed. Hvergalmir is Hel’s cauldron and all the humans are in there, ready to come out in Joy when the transition is complete.

The dark elves are re-bonding with the light elves, finding a new homeland in the air. The light elves continue to rise and fall in an orderly fashion. Thor is in balance with Thurses as he attains the compassionate state. He will embrace Jormungander, they will embrace and become one as the new equator is formed. They will be like Sisistul of this continent – two faces of polarity in union. The Vanir will go on as they have always done, as people of the horn, teachers and guides. Asgard’s new model will be the Tyr and Tiza model – Male and Female in balance, one holding up the North Pole with his spear, the other holding up the South Pole with her spindle.

This is how the tree looks to this volvakona. This is how it feels. I am using my arms and heart space to embrace myself. I am lining up my pineal gland with my perineum. I am creating joy where ever I am. When I am sad I release my sadness until it purifies to the joy of that release. This is how I manage in a Fimbulvinter so that I may greet the new world with impeccable joy.