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I am a Völva. Völva is Old Norse for “staff carrier,” the traveling spiritual guide learned in the ways of my European/Scandinavian Folk Soul. Like Thorbjorg from Eric the Red’s Saga, I am invited into communities to lead ceremony, share information, impart wisdom, and perpetuate the folk ways through song, story, and dance. I heal oorlag at it's source and read wyrd for individuals and groups.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Weight of Oppression/the Joy of Abundance

The Weight of Oppression Fell on me today.

The subtle opression of capitalism...What do I mean?

The way a capitalist society creates needs for the population which are based on product and control the options available to the individual citizen in order to advance sales of product.

My example:
I do not have a cell phone. My long distance bill from +++ is small if I do not make a long distance call. Last month I phoned my mother in law in Tennessee. She picked up and called me right back on her cell phone which has unlimited long distance. It was less than a minute and it cost nearly $7.

My Options:
A. Get a Cell Phone

B. Pay insane rates

C. Use email

D. Shop around for a better phone company.

I eliminate option D because I do not pay the regular phone bill and it is satisfactory to the policy holder.
B always makes me feel ripped off and abused.

A is not great because right now I personally get free local and internet access. A cell phone is an expense that would incur un-necessary monthly debt.

C is tough because my TN relatives have super slow internet access up in the mountains and also there is no way to really express myself to my sisters without my voice...Not really.

Why is long distance so expensive on a land line now? It didn't use to be. What is the reason? That call should have cost me .50 or a dollar at the most! For less than a minute?


These need to come from the telephone company I suppose. I suppose they will try to sell me on a cell phone because I think that's the biggest share of their market.

I feel cheated, coerced and sad.

I feel like I really don't have options but to buy up, spend more...Participate in capitalism gone extreme like a good consumer, I mean, citizen.

Wow - I have a phone and a computer and hot running water right into my own house that only has my mate and two kids and me in it and there are no bombs going off in my kids school and my kids get to go to school and I am the luckiest woman in the world. And I guess I will have to talk to you when I see you or when you call me. And I love you.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Cold Huldre

Just a funny thought about Huldre in May, we never forget how cold we used to be.

6 months from now we will be back into the show season. It's hard to believe, but Huldrefolk love these strange and crazy extremes!

Now it is summer, we will mend and fix all our winter gear, we will bake our bones in the sun, and we will sing songs for the growing things that sleep in the Winter's Dark Hours.

Perdh - Random Rune For May!

Perd- Perth - Pherdro
Look at the shape of it. It's a vessel, a cup or a cave. This rune is hotly debated as to it's meaning in the world of runes. Some say it has linguistic corrolations to fruit tree.

Fruit trees are all blossoming in May. This is the ideal time to nourish the roots of your fruit trees. Give yourself what you need to grow too. Afterall, you are your own tree with a spine trunk and feet that dip into the wells of the worlds. Nourishment is a key issue in May.

Fruit trees are a sacred source of nourishment to us as well as magic. I learned my first "spell" from my grandmother while peeling apples.
Try to get the whole peel in one long spiral. If you are successful, throw the peel over your left shoulder and ask your question (as girls it was always just, "What are the initials of the man I will marry?" ) but this works for other questions as well.

Some think this rune means "Dice Cup". The symbol of gaming, luck, fun, and risk taking. This is also a May sort of thing. Here we are at the very begining of our growing season and it is time to commit to our crops. What will we plant? Take a risk, plant something unusual for yourself. May is a month of magic, new loves, new hopes, and a lot of fun and risk taking goes on. This is the perfect rune to assist you in your new path!

Some think this rune relates to the womb, the cave of life. Here again we have the concept of nurturing the beginings of a new life, a new project or a new relationship. The ultimate center of creation, the womb, relates to fruit trees and the strange combination of luck and risk taking when it comes to generating fertility.

Ultimately, this rune says, it's May. We are at the begining of a new path for the growing season. Take the one you have always dreamed of, the road less travelled, the one that's not so safe because it causes new growth, transition, change. Be prepared for a very magical May!